Christopher (hospitius) wrote,

Baby in the bell jar

Jane had a baby doll she called Baby. She was way attached to that doll; wherever Baby went Jane tagged along. Baby thought Jane reminded her of Chatty Cathy with a stuck talk button--all freckles and braces and non-stop inanities. But Baby had to admire Jane's functional legs and opposable thumbs. She was wheels.

Jane liked Baby because the doll never opened its mouth except to order her around. Baby's brusque commands were the exact opposite of the way Jane's mother spoke to her: "Janie sweetie, do you want to stop making pretty patterns on the floor with the lunchmeat now and join your mommy at the table?"

Whenever Baby wanted to listen to music she would tell Jane to put on the Hole CD and make her turn it up real loud and they would sing along together:

I am Doll eyes
Doll mouth, Doll legs
I am Doll arms
Big veins, dog bait
I love him so much it just turns to hate

Baby liked doing this a lot; dolls have an even greater appetite for repetition than pubescent girls, and long afternoons would pass into evening with the same bass beat thumping over and over behind Jane's bedroom door:

I am Doll parts
bad skin, Doll heart
I want to be the girl with the most cake
He only loves things just to see them break

Still, one morning Baby woke up and realized it was over; Jane would always bug her. She pretended to be sad, pretended to be talking for both of them when she said "It's time to let go." but when Jane just clung tighter she snarled "No, I mean it, LET GO, you're hurting me."

That night Jane took Baby to bed with her for the first time in years. Just after midnight she dreamt she heard Baby calling so loudly it woke her up. From beneath the covers a small angry voice shouted "You're smothering me!". Jane rolled all the way over and hugged the mattress hard until the voice stopped.

And that's how Baby came to live in the bell jar.

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