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dreams and kisses

Lately I'm much more interested in what's happening in the 6 inches between my ears than the 8 inches between my legs.

That said, it has been a long time since I've been kissed.

My dream from the night of July 3, 2001:

After a fitful round of typical failure dreams (arrive late for final exams only to realize that I have not attended math class or studied French all semester...) I dreamt I owed someone a sum of money. There was some dispute over the size of the sum so I held off payment; when I finally tried to settle the account I was told I owed several times the initial amount in interest. This happened more than once, so that I found myself in a cycle from which I could never break free.

One day, despondent, I saw an acquaintance on the street who stopped to greet me. I began to tell him my misfortune when I saw the loan shark who was after me nearby— standing outside the entrance to a hotel. (Was he a pimp, too?) He wasn't old, wasn't handsome; he had a closely cropped white beard. When my acquaintance saw him he rushed over and the two embraced—it seemed they were old friends. I don't remember if he offered to negotiate between us but soon we were seated together in a car, the two of them in the front seat with me in the back. They were sitting very close, in fact, their faces were close to touching, their lips almost pressed together as they whispered. I drew closer to try to hear what they were saying, to discover if they were talking about me. As my face approached theirs I thought that they were actually kissing, after all. I wanted to kiss them, too, but held back, afraid I was misreading the moment. Just then they both turned almost imperceptibly toward me—as though proffering their lips to mine, and I began to kiss each of them in turn. They also kissed one another and me, and this trinity of kisses contained such sweet joy that I went on tasting it after I awoke and all through the next day.

PS The tarot card I pulled for today is Il Carro, reversed...
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